Speed Dating Event
Couple speed-dating event Couple speed-dating event
Thu, Jul 18 · 7:30pm ET
  • Global event.
  • Personalized matches.
  • Open to all!
  • 15

What to expect on date night (through late night)

Ready to date differently? Couple introduces you to your plus-ones in a party-like atmosphere that lets you ditch the drama of typical online dating. (You’re welcome.)

Here’s a glimpse of what a typical event looks like, from login to love:

  • Your event link will bring you to the Couple lobby, where you’ll be greeted by one of our always awesome hosts. Hosts get you up to speed (dating) and then send you to our mingle rooms for a pre-event cocktail party with your fellow daters.
  • After the cocktail party, you’ll go on a series of three-minute speed dates with partners selected for you by our magical matching engine. Typical events boast about 15 rounds of dating. (We don’t mess around with romance.)
  • At the conclusion of each date, it’s time to make a decision about your partner. Choose Couple (you’re down to date again), Connect (you’re down for friendship), or Cut (you’re gonna pass). We'll send you a link to view and contact your mutual matches after the event.
  • Once the final round of dating has ended, your host will send you back to the mingle rooms for Couple's epic after-party. You don’t have to stay for the soiree, but, like, then we'll just assume you don’t like fun.
  • Last but not least, expect respectful encounters with your hosts and fellow daters. All Couplers are required to abide by our Speed Dating Rules of Engagement. Review them, follow them, and report users who don't.

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Your pre-event check

You MUST use a computer for this event. Couple has not yet been optimized for mobile devices, and mobile users will NOT be able to access the event.
  • Find a quiet spot with good lighting and a strong internet connection
  • Prepare a few questions to ask your dates
  • Use a computer with Chrome or Safari browser for the best experience
  • Pick out your date-night shirt!
  • Use a headset and ensure your audio and video settings are good to go before logging in
  • Pour yourself a cold drink, relax, and most importantly, be your awesome self!

Need a refresher on Couple's Rules of Engagement?

Check them out here.